CS6800 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence


Lecture notes for the first few lectures:

MIDTERM Tuesday, March 17

The course account is on the ubuntu machines and prime/p1/p2, etc. machines. It is cs6800, Please look at /home/cs6800 for course materials.

Homework assignment notes/hints page

A Style Guide is available on-line to assist you in determining the correct style for your programs. You are required to follow the guidelines in all programs you turn in for the course. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in a significantly lower grade on an assignment.

Animated TeacherInstructor: David M. Chelberg (Press here to email)flying letter!
Office: Stocker 322B.
Office Hours: Tues. 9:00am-10:30am, Thurs. 10-11:30am, and by email appt.

Lecture Notes
will be available from prime in the directory: ~cs680/lectures. They are stored as compressed postscript files. To print, you must first uncompress using the command gunzip, then send to a postscript printer (using lp). Detailed instructions for those new to Unix.

To provide students with a comprehensive overview of the principles of artificial intelligence.

Required Texts: Animated Book Image
Russell, S. and Norvig, P., "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd edition)," Prentice Hall, 2009, ISBN: 0136042597.
Animated Book
      ImageReading assignments

Course Outline:
The course emphasizes the importance of fundamental concepts in artificial intelligence. Topics include:
  • What is AI; Blind search
  • Heuristic search
  • Game Playing
  • Knowledge and reasoning
  • First-order logic and theorem proving
  • Logical Reasoning Systems
  • Planning
  • Advanced topics chosen from:
    Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Understanding, and Reasoning Under Uncertainty
Students are expected to spend at least two hours outside of class per class session, including working exercises in the book, and programming homework problems.
Examination schedule:
There will be one midterm exam (Tuesday, March 17). Pop quizzes may be given on any given day when no other exams are scheduled. Final Project Presentations (Thursday, April 30, at 12:20p.m. - 2:20p.m., usual classroom)
Attendance Policy:
Students are strongly encouraged to attend all classes, but attendance is not required. Class attendance will not be used in the final determination of grades. Students miss classes at their own risk. There will be no make-up quizzes, students missing class on the day of a quiz will be given a zero. Students are required to attend class during the midterm and final exam unless prior arrangements have been made.
Academic dishonesty:
Students are expected to turn in only their own work with proper documentation. Anything else will result in an F for the exam, project or program, and possibly an F for the course, or even dismissal from the University. This means NO WORKING IN GROUPS, and NO SHARING CODE. For more information see the student affairs handbook or more specifically, Code of Conduct direct link
Here are some links of general interest to this class:
How Can You Tell If Your IM Buddy Is Really a Machine? (article in discover magazine)
Google's Entry into AI (from April 1, 2009)
Video of Cadie (google's AI)
Tutorial/Animation on Graph Search (Java)
AI repository site (one of the best on the web.
Game Programmer's link with lots of AI related material and hex grid algorithms.
NASA AI group page.
A reference on Common Lisp (the complete reference book on-line)
A second spot to find the reference on Common Lisp (the complete reference book on-line)
Critique of Deep Learning
Has a good review of the problem, and a link to the paper 3,000,000 Queens in Less Than One Minute, SIGART Bulletin, Vol. 2, 2, pp. 22-24, Apr, 1991.
ACM digital Library link to above paper.
Freeciv game link (It is an open source civilization clone
Humorous song about Lisp/etc.
Article by MIT a lot of hype, but interesting.
Robot that folds laundry!
AI competition build a demolition derby car AI.
Intel article on game AI

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