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Advising FAQ for CS majors

The information contained herein can not be taken to be the last word on these subjects. The information is being provided as a service to help you in your course of studies. Be sure to check with your advisor frequently for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Also, if you find anything on this page that you feel is wrong or misleading, please do not hesitate to me corrections.

Dean's office Records Person

If you need to make sure you have credit for transfer credits, or AP, contact Ms. Jessica Shuler (office Stocker 121).

Get your DARS on-line

Get your DARS on-line

General comments

All the documents available from the main EECS office have web versions. Take a look at the documents page of our school's web site for a list of the documents available.

Take the main programming series as soon as possible (CS2400, CS2401). Also be sure to take CS3610 soon, as this is also a prerequisite for almost all the 4000 level courses.

A good source of information is your DARS report, but be sure to read it carefully. Ask your advisor for help if there is something you don't fully understand.

If you have any questions about the scheduling of classes, ALWAYS use the on-line schedule available at Course Offerings. If you click on a particular class, you can also obtain a quick description of the course.

Tier III Courses

CS4560 counts as a Tier III course.

CO-OP Program

The CO-OP program. program is a five-year program that combines classroom learning with paid, career-related work experience. Participating students alternate periods of on-campus study with roughly equal periods of worksite experience according to established schedules. Students gain experience that will give them a competitive edge upon graduation while earning money and academic credit.

Co-op is an optional program available to all CS students enrolled in the Russ College of Engineering & Technology. For more information please visit the College's CO-OP program home page.

Science requirement

Students must take a year long sequence of either physics or chemistry.

In addition to this, students must take one additional natural science course required for students in that discipline. A list of approved courses is available in the computer science office, or via your DARS.

Philosophy courses

PHIL 120: Even though it is philosophy, it is classified as a math course and does not help in fulfilling the Humanities distribution requirement. Students can take this course as a free elective.

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