Advising Help for HTC students

Which tutorial should I take this semester?

Students should take the tutorials in the following sequence:

Freshman Year

Fall Semester:   CS2970T
Spring Semester: CS2980T
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester:   CS2971T
Spring Semester: CS2981T
Junior Year
Fall Semester:   CS3970T
Spring Semester: CS3980T
Senior Year
Senior year you take the thesis class
Fall Semester:   CS4970T
Spring Semester: CS4980T
In general, you may take the section listed for me (Prof. Chelberg) as I am the HTC Director of Studies. Your tutor will report the grades for me to enter into the grading system. Some faculty request to have a section of the tutorial course added with their name attached. You should ask your tutor if he/she wants this option. If so, the tutor can ask our departmental secretary to add the required section, and green slip you into it.

In all cases, you should inform your director of studies as soon as possible each semester about which professor you are doing your tutorial with, and the subject matter of the tutorial.

David M. Chelberg <>
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