Remote Logins to prime

When you are not in the lab, you can still log in to do some work on your account. You won't be able use the BlueJ program remotely, but you can edit files using an editor like pico or emacs. You can't log onto prime directly, but you can log onto or

This is what CNS suggests for Vista users: link. Please try it and let me know how it works.

You can log onto via some SSH program, like oak SSH or Putty

Note for Oak SSH users (dorm computers):

From any UNIX like machine, (Linux/BSD/Os X) type:

    ssh -l loginid
from the command line, where loginid is your prime login. For Linux users, add -X to the comand line arguments and you can work as if you were on the machines in the lab. For Mac Os X users, do the same from an X11 terminal window but add -Y to the command line arguments. It isn't quite as seamless as with Linux, but it works well for some things. You can run firefox, for example.

If you work on programs at home, here are some ways to copy files and/or directories to and from prime:

There may be nicer programs out there. If you find some, let me know. I have very little recent experience with the windows environment, so I'd be obliged if somebody sends me a link to resources telling how to "tunnel in". A few years ago there was such a PC program that had serious security problems.

Note: With some SSH programs, opening emacs can cause problems, since the computer will try to open up the full screen version of the editor. If you run into this problem, type

    emacs -nw fileName.extension
and it won't try to start up the XWindows version. This can be a problem with Putty and in some other situations.


Last modified: 4/13/09, WKA