Janusz Starzyk Research

Conference Presentations

SSCI 2019 Associative Data Model in Search for Nearest Neighbors and Similar Patterns

SSCI 2019 Feature Significance in Wide Neural Networks

ICANN 2019 Temporal Coding of Neural Stimuli

SSCI 2018 Associative Fine-Tuning of Biologically Inspired Active Neuro-Associative Knowledge Graphs

SSCI 2018 Retrieving Impressions from Semantic Memory Modeled with Associative Pulsing Neural Networks

IJCNN 2018 Multi-Class and Multi-Label Classification Using Associative Pulsing Neural Networks 

SSCI 2017 Fast Neural Network Adaptation with Associative Pulsing Neurons 

SSCI 2017 Lumped Mini-Column Associative Knowledge Graphs

SSCI 2016 Trust in Motivated Learning Agents

SSCI 2016 Emergent Creativity in Declarative Memories

IJCNN 2015 A Comparative Study between Motivated Learning and Reinforcement Learning

ICAISC 2015 Visual Saccades for Object Recognition

ICAISC 2014 Managing Machines’ Motivations

SSCI 2014 Advancing Motivated Learning with Goal Creation

IJCNN 2010 Mental Development and Representation Building through Motivated Learning

IJCNN 2010 Pannel Mental Development and Representation Building through Motivated Learning

IJCNN 2010 Spatio-Temporal Sequence Learning of Visual Place Cells for Robotic Navigation

BICS 2010 Machine Consciousness - A Computational Model

Kovacs 2010 Water Resource Planning and Management using Motivated Machine Learning

IDSIA 2009 Motivated Learning based on Goal Creation

UNESCO 2009 Motivated Machine Learning for Water Resource Management

WEES 2009 How to Motivate Machines to Learn and Help Humans in Making Water Decisions?

WCCI 2008 A Hybrid Self-Organizing Neural Gas Network

ICCNS 2008 Attention aided perception in sparse-coding networks

ICCNS 2008 Self-Organizing Hierarchical Neural Network with Correlation Based Sparse Connections

ICCNS 2008 Active vision system for embodied intelligence based on retina sampling model and hierarchical representation

ICCNS 2008 Hierarchical Neural Network for Text Based Learning

ISNN 2007 Hybrid Pipeline Structure for Self-Organizing Learning Array

ISNN 2007 Sparse Coding in Sparse Winner networks

ISNN 2007 A Hierarchical Self-organizing Associative Memory for Machine Learning

ISNN 2007 Online Dynamic Value System for Machine Learning

ICCNS 2007 Hierarchical spatio-temporal memory for machine learning based on laminar minicolumn structure

ICAIA 2007 Optimizing number of hidden neurons in neural networks

ICSES 2006 Challenges of Machine Intelligence

ICNN 2005 Neural Network with Memory and Cognitive Functions

ICNN 2005 Associative Learning in Hierarchical Self Organizing Learning Arrays

ICAIA 2005 Optimized Interconnections in Probabilistic Self-Organizing Learning

ICIS   2003 SOLAR and its Hardware Development

ICIS    2003 Self-organizing Learning Array and its Application to Economic and Financial Problems

ECCTD 2003 A Self-organizing Learning Array and its Hardware-software Co-simulation

ECCTD 2003 Fast Direct GPS Signal Acquisition Using FPGA

ISCAS 2003 Design of a Self-Organizing Learning Array System

ISCAS 2003 Cost-Oriented Design of a 14-bit Current Steering DAC Macrocell