Dr. Shawn Ostermann

Associate Professor -- Computer Science Division

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Information about the Ohio University Internetworking Group

Contact Information

ostermann@cs.ohiou.edu (PGP encryption key available here)
322b Stocker Center
Phone: (740)593-1234 (no, really)
FAX: (740)593-0007
Department of Computer Science
322b Stocker Center
Athens, Ohio 45701
47 Sunnyside Drive , Athens OH 45701
Phone: (740)592-5876
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Course Information

CS458/558 Operating Systems II
CS644 Advanced Internetworking
CS444/544 Data Communications/Internetworking
CS442/542 Operating Systems I

Local Organizations

Advisor for the local student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Current Projects

The following projects are currently going on in the Ohio University Internetworking Research Laboratory
Dial-up Networking
I'm currently working with Computer Network Services to develop a SLIP/PPP service for the campus.
I'm working with several students on experiments with the internetworking protocol TCP/IP
Currently working with Mark Allman to implement an improved version of FTP.

Recent History

Associate Professor at OU since September 1999
Assistant Professor at OU 1993 - 1999
Graduate work in Computer Science at Purdue University


Directions to get from Columbus to the CS department or the OU Inn.
Maps to get from Columbus to Athens. or from Athens to the OU Campus or the OU Inn.

Information Archive

Miscellaneous items of interest, papers, and software are stored in my directory in our anonymous FTP site, available here either as FTP or WWW

Fun Stuff

Archive root here
Misc fun stuff here
Fun "examples" of C programs here
A very brief look at Computer Science careers for undergraduates at Ohio University So you want to be a computer scientist?

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Dr. Shawn Ostermann - Asst. Professor - Ohio University Computer Science