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Dennis M. Akos

Graduate Associate -- Avionics Engineering Center

* Contact Information

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215 Stocker Center
Avionics Engineering Center
Athens, Ohio 45701
+1 (740) 593-1513 (voice)
+1 (740) 593-1604 (fax)
Want to Leave me a Message? dakos@oucsace.cs.ohiou.edu

* Current Projects (Ph.D. Dissertation Work)

Investigation of Software-Based GPS (Global Positioning System) Receiver Architectures Under the Direction of Dr. Michael Braasch and Dr. Frank van Graas. This work is sponsored by the FAA & NASA under the Joint University Program and also the US Air Force through Wright Laboratory's Avionics Directorate. Although not directly involved with my work, I could not pass up the chance to include a picture of the Avionics Engineering Center's DC3.

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