Course Instructor Information
Avinash Karanth
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Ohio University 330/335 Stocker Center Athens, OH 45701 Office Hours: Wed (10 AM -12 PM) or via MS Teams Office: STKR 330/335
Tel: (740)-597-1481
E-mail: karanth [at] ohio [dot] edu
Course Description

EE 6900 is intended to provide graduate students with an in-depth study of interconnection networks for
high-performance computing (HPC) systems and multi-cores. Interconnection networks offer an attractive and economical solution to this communication crisis and are fast becoming pervasive at all levels of digital system, whether it be on-chip, inter-chip, inter-board and inter-rack. As machine learning based accelerators begin to dominate the market, this course will also analyze the impact of data movement for deep learning applications. Topics covered include:

[1] Introduction to Interconnection Networks
[2] Topology
[3] Switching Techniques
[4] Taxonomy of Routing Algorithms
[5] Flow Control
[6] Router Micro-architecture and
[7] Hardware Accelerator & Deep Learning

The prerequisite for this course is EE 3613 or any basic computer architecture course. For more information, please contact the instructor.