Course Instructor Information
Avinash Karanth
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Ohio University 322D Stocker Center Athens, OH 45701 Office Hours: Mon and Fri (10 PM - 12 PM) or by appointment Office: STKR 322D
Tel: (740)-597-1481
E-mail: karanth [at] ohio [dot] edu
Course Description

EE 6633 is intended to provide graduate students with an in-depth study of high-performance computing (HPC) systems that exploit parallelism. Topics covered include (1) Introduction to Parallel Processing & Flynn's Classification, (2) Shared Memory Multiprocessors, (3) New Processor Architectures, and (4) Interconnection Networks. The prerequisite for this course is either EE 3613 or EE 4683 or EE 5683 or any basic computer architecture course. For more information, please contact the instructor.