Project 2

Associated files proj2.c and data.dat


Project 1

Associated solution files p1q1, p1q2 and p1q3


To run the code is Visual Studio

1.) File->New->Project...
2.) Select Under Visual C++
3.) Select General
4.) Choose "Empty Project"
5.) Type project name in "Name" box
6.) Choose project Location (maybe a folder EE467)
7.) Hit OK
8.) Right click "Source Files" folder in the Solution Explorer (If this is not available, click View and select Solution Explorer)
9.) From Project, select Add Existing Item
10.) Select your .cpp file (download the file from class webpage - note that example01.cpp needs modification to run)
11.) Hit Add
12.) Build->Build Solution (or F7)
13.) Debug->Start Debugging (or F5)

Install NASM Assembler with the following steps (See Lecture Notes here)

Step 1: Download NASM at
              The required DJGPP zipped folder is here.

Step 2: Unzip the '' file.

Step 3: Move the DJGPP directory to Programs or Program Files directory.

Step 4: Go to Control Panel --> System --> Advanced --> Environmental Variables
            Set the DJGPP environment variable to \DJGPP\djgpp.env [Top Window]

Step 5: Go to Control Panel --> System --> Advanced --> Environmental Variables
            Set the PATH variable to \DJGPP\bin
[Bottom Window]

Step 6: Test nasmw and gcc on the command prompt window (should see input files not available)

Step 7: See example01.cpp, split into func.asm and prog.c

Step 8: At the command prompt: nasm -f coff func.asm (you should get func.o)

Step 9: At the command prompt: gcc -o go prog.c func.o (you should get go)

Step 10: At the command prompt: go (should see the output)