Course Instructor Information
Avinash Karanth Kodi
Assistant Professor   
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Ohio University 322D Stocker Center Athens, OH 45701 Office Hours: Mon and Wed (10 AM - 12 PM) or by appointment Office: STKR 322D
Tel: (740)-597-1481
E-mail: kodi [at] ohio [dot] edu
Course Description

EE 467/567 is is focused on the organization of 16- and 32-bit microprocessors.  Particular attention is given to the 8086 family (8086/286/386/486/PentiumI-IV) regarding instruction set, assembly language programming, arithmetic operations, computer architectural features, memory hierarchy, I/O interfacing, floating-point unit, and various other topics. Furthermore, comparisons will be made to other microprocessors such as the PowerPC family of microprocessors. Graduate students are expected to complete a term-paper. For more information, please contact the instructor.