Course Instructor Information
Avinash Karanth
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Ohio University 322D Stocker Center Athens, OH 45701 Office Hours: Wed, Fri (10 AM - 12 PM) via MSTeams Office: STKR 322D
Tel: (740)-597-1481
E-mail: karanth [at] ohio [dot] edu

Teaching Assistant: Dylan Wright
Office Hours: Tue, Thur (12 PM - 2 PM) via MSTeams
Office: STKR 305
Course Description

EE 3613 is intended to provide undergraduate students with an in-depth study of computer organization. Computer architecture with emphasis in the design of single and multicore architectures; quantitative cost, performance-power trade-offs, Amdahl's Law, instruction set architecture (RISC), assembly language programming, number representations, adders and simple ALUs, integer and floating point computer arithmetic, single and multi-cycle implementation of control and data-path design, pipelining with hazard detection, memory hierarchy and memory management, cache and virtual memory, and I/O devices. The prerequisite for this course is EE 1024. For more information, please contact the instructor.