Shrinkwrap license for use of EECS computers and network

Computer access

Any and all entities (human or machine) who use or attempt to use any computer or peripheral, or piece of network equipment or the network itself, without explicit permission (generally denoted by the creation of an account on an EECS computer by a duly authorized EECS staff member), and any person who does have permission but is engaged in any activity that is defined as illegal by any Federal, State or City law, or is in violation of any of the University's codes of conduct, hereby agrees to the following terms:

Permission is given by any and all persons involved in unauthorized use of EECS computers, peripherals, networks and network equipment to monitor any and all communications on the network, and any and all use of computers and other resources. Permission is given to record any such activity, and to use the recording in any way.

Permission is explicitly given (by unauthorized use of EECS computers, peripherals, networks and network equipment) to use any logins and passwords recorded, on any computer or network (owned by EECS or not) for any purpose the staff of EECS deems necessary.

Email Transmission

Email sent to any user on any or all EECS computers becomes the property of the recipient, and may be delt with in any manner the recpient chooses.

Permission is given by the sender of any email sent using any or all EECS computers to be forwarded to another machine to monitor and/or record the contents and envelop of the email, and act on the contents of the email as they see fit.

Page created June 7, 2002,

amended June 22, 2018 to add email specific clause