Ohio University boasts a number of good computer facilities, which give the students favorable ambience to excel in learning. A number of UNIX labs provide students with a lot of room for learning without some of the nagging flaws that the Windows environment sometimes throws up. Hence most students of Computer Science prefer to work in the Unix environment rather than on the Windows platform. The object of this particular tutorial is to guide the user through a simple set of steps to log on to the Unix environment (Solaris systems) at the Ohio University labs at the Russ College of Engineering Technology.

The first step to login into a Unix system is to acquire a unique user name (or the login id) with the accompanying password. The username name can be obtained from the instructor of the course.

Once the user has had a unique user-name / login id allotted to him/her, the next step is to actually log in to the system. The Login-in Screen on any of the computers on the Sun platforms (i.e. Unix) comprises of a single text box with a number of buttons and looks like the one shown in the figure. The user must enter his/her user name to logon into the system. Since most users work on the Common Desktop Environment (CDE), the immediate need is to familiarize ourselves with the CDE.

The next step would be to enter the CDE. The user clicks on the “Options” button on the screen to open a pull down menu which looks as shown in the figure. The user then clicks on the session button to see another menu with four options. To enter in to the CDE, the user has to choose the option that says “Common Desktop Environment”. The user is advised to experiment with the different options to acclimatize to the look and feel of each type and hence finally choose the environment of their choice.

As soon as the user enters the appropriate username (say “bgangapa” ) and hits the “OK" button, the system then prompts the user for the password.


As soon as the user has typed the correct password and hit the "OK" button, he/she is logged on to the system. However if the wrong password/user- name has been typed, the user can start over once again by pressing the “ Start Over” button.