A text editor is the most basic of computer software, and the software used most often by many people. It can be used for, but not limited to, editing program source files or shell scripts, typesetting documents, writing email, just to name a few. One of the most popular text editors among the students is the default "TEXT EDITOR" available with the Sun system. It is easy to use.

Opening Text editors:

When we login to the system, The workspace looks like this.

The workspace has several menus available. On clicking the Globe , Netscape browser will be launched. The home directory can be accessed by clicking on the "Folder" like button. To launch the Text editor, you can right click on the work space and click on the "application" button and then you will see a menu which has different options select the Text editor option.

There are other text editors which offer more flexibility in design and execution of programs.Click on one of the links to know more about each one of them

1. Pico Text Editor

2. Vi Editor

3. Emacs