PRIME (and Sun workstations and servers) Specific Help

Prime (official name is a Sun server 240 with 4 processors. It is our file server for Sun workstations and servers in the Convocation Center and in Stocker. It is also used as the password athentication server, and ftp server for prime accounts. Not that the only way to use the prime server is by ftp, or via pop or imap for email. All other uses require you to use one of the workstations or compute servers.

Accounts are given to students as they require them for class work. Certain classes are given accounts with login ids that begin with the number '1'. These accounts are only issued for one quarter, and are deleted at the end of the quarter automatically. Majors keep their accounts until they graduate. Non-major have their accounts delete the next quarter, unless they take another class.

Stocker Labs

EECS has 2 general purpose labs of workstations available to students in Stocker. These are in rooms 107 and 307. Lab 107 is open from 7:00AM to 2:00AM daily, except for holidays. Lab 307 is generally open 24 hours a day, except for a small period of time when the custodial staff will ask everyone to leave for cleaning. Please note that the cleaner you keep these rooms, the less time they need to be closed for cleaning.

Stocker lab 107

The machines in 107 are named sp-001, sp-002, etc. They are Sun Ultra 27 workstations, with 2.93 Gig Hz processors, 8 cores, 4Gigs of ram, a 3d video card. The displays are 19 inch LDC displaysl All home directories are mounted from prime.

The default printer for the machines in room 307 is named pr-107. There is a limit of 10 pages per print job.

Stocker lab 307

The machines in 307 are named bin00001, bin00010, etc. They are Sun Ultra 45 workstations, with 3.0 Gig Hz processors, 4 cores, 6Gigs of ram, a 3d video card. The displays are 19 inch LDC displays, or 24 inch LCDs. All home directories are mounted from prime.

The default printer for the machines in room 307 is named pr-307. There is a limit of 10 pages per print job.

The following notes describe software and features on Prime and the workstations that can be accessed by individual users.


The official email address is Mail sent to any of the Sun workstations will actually be sent to prime. Email is avialable using the unix mail (mailx), mh or elm commands, the workstation mail window, or via a pop or imap client. Mail sent to ANY USER at cs, ece or eecs in the domain and also goes to prime.

p1 and p2

P1 and p2 are computer servers. That is, they are only accessable via the network. They support ssh as well as scp. They do not support telnet, ftp, rlogin, exec or rsh.

Both servers also support Xwindow sessions. However, software running on these servers (and the workstations as well) can cause problems for user connecting with telnet (see The Reaper Program. for precautions to take when using them.

Also, when using the ssh package from OHI (CNS), often called oakssh, you must set the authentication method to keyboard-interactive. Programs such as PUTTY automatically use the correct authentication method.

Deuce is a sparc server that is part of the prime ring of Suns, so you will need a prime account to use it. You will need to use ssh instead of telnet to log into deuce for now.

You also need a separate ORACLE account to use oracle once you have logged into deuce. The account name will usually be the same as your login name on the prime machines. The password will usually be different. The documentation for ORACLE is available on-line here.

Special Notes

To change your password within oracle, use the command:

alter user "user-id" identified by "new-password";


The standard unix man pages are available to all users via the man command. These pages describe the commands available, both supplied with the Unix operating system, and those commands added locally. Additional documentation is available on the Solaris system in general via the web.

Specific software packages that have been installed on Prime, and the location/method of reading the documentation for them, can be found HERE.