ACE Specific Help

Our old Ace (official name was a Sun 630 with 4 25 Mhz processors and 120 Meg of ram. It was replaced Spring break, 2004 with a Netra t1, 1 ultrasparc-IIe processor at 500 Mhz, with 1 gig of ram. It is our printserver, primary mail server, general purpose unix box, and the machine that CS major alumni accounts and guest accounts are kept.

Althogh all mail addressed to, and is routed thru prime, mail is automatically forwarded to ace for these domains if there is an account on ace that does not exist on prime.

The following notes describe features on ace that can be accessed by individual users.


The official email address is However, the short form of also works. Email is avialable using the unix mail or elm commands, or via a pop and imap clients. Pop and imap can be used as secure connections if your client supports it..

Web Server

The faculty, staff and student web server is located on ace. See the documentation on webservers for more information.