Welcome to the EECS Internal Help page

This page is used to point to various pieces of documentation relating to EECS courses. Although we have space in multiple buildings on campus, all user activity takes place in Stocker Center.

Help is currently available on these topics:
Blocking SPAM with EECS.
Set up the mail/calendar function on sun workstations.
Mail connections to EECS servers.
Oracle within EECS.
Printing on EECS printers.
ACE specific help.
PRIME (and Sun workstation) specific help.
HOMER (the old ECE server) is gone.

Stocker Labs

The Sun workstations in Stocker are used to support CS and EE classes. The workstations in rooms 107 and 307, as well as several servers accessed remotely, are on the same workgroup, and share common login ids, passwords and homem directories. A description of the machines in Stocker is available here.

Handy Documentation

The following documentation is handy to have on-line. It can be used as a suppliment to the regular Unix documentation.

Documentation from other places:
Nice tutorial on vi - from Network computing.