Welcome to the Ace (EECS) home page

This is the web page for faculty, staff and students of EECS.
For the "official" web page of eecs you need to go to https://www.ohio.edu/engineering/eecs

Important Domain Name change information

        An OIT mandated domain name change is taking effect
        as of December 21, 2016. The ohioU.edu domain will be
        retired, and  all references to our machines must
        be in the ohio.edu domain. All of our  machines have
        been accessable via both ohio.edu and ohiou.edu, so we
        expect only minor disruption. 

        However, since the ohiou.edu domain has been in constant
        use since the C.S. Department acquired it in 1986, 
        the ohiou.edu addresses have been used in email and 
        web addresses, and are linked to in multiple ways,
        including multiple search engines. It is up to you
        to update any references to the old domain name by
        updating web pages, and notifying email correspondents.

Using this page as a starting point, you can go to:

The EECS computer and network use shrinkwrap license.
The EECS help pages.
New users help pages.
Computer facilities.
Software packages availble on Solaris servers and workstations.
Software packages availble on Ubuntu servers and workstations.
A small FAQ file.
Security notices.
The Ohio University WWW server.
The Ohio Electrical Engineering and Computer Science WWW server.
Personal web pages for our users.
Various statistics on EECS machines.
Check on class enrollment pertinent to EECS classes.
EECS Lists of class lecture and lab meeting times by room.
EECS Lists of faculty and courses they are teaching.
EECS Lists of classes filling up fastest, as of this morning.
EECS Machine and services status pages.
(Note: use a blank login ID and password to access this screen.)
(Suggestion: Choose "EECS Machine Load" on the left hand menu bar for one usefull overview.)
WEBMAIL interface to ace
WEBMAIL interface to Prime
HADOOP status links